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6 Tips for beginners in Python

So you are about to start your Python learning journey. While you decided to learn this new language, the most frequently asked question is “how to learn Python most easily?”

Although it depends on your personal preference, enrolling yourself in Python basic program is the best way to start learning. Moreover, there are other simple Python for beginners tips that you can follow to improve your coding skills.

  1. Code Everyday

Consistency is the key to improvement. Practising the new techniques you learned every day is important. Try to code simple and small Python programs every day. Committing to practice coding will help develop your muscle memory. Though it may be daunting for you, you can start with small 25 minutes of coding practice slowly working your way up from there.

  1. Write It Out

As a new programmer, writing notes by hand is most beneficial to help you retain the language techniques you learn. This will further help you work towards your goal of becoming a full-time Python developer. Moreover, hand-written notes can also help you plan the chunks of the program and write classes and functions before you code it into the computer.

  1. Go Interactive

Whether you are learning about basic data structures or debugging a program, the interactive Python shell is one of the best learning tools you can have. To use this tool, make sure Python is installed on your computer. Next, you can find simple directions for installation.

  1. Be in touch with other Python learners

Whether you have opted for Python online course or are attending offline classes, it’s best to work on your Python skills together. Surrounding yourself with other learners will enable sharing tips and tricks you learn along the way.

  1. Build something, anything

If you have just started learning Python, you can find many small exercises through your classes or on the internet to help you be confident in what you have learned so far. Once you have got an excellent grasp of basic data structures, writing classes, and object-oriented programming, it’s time to start building.

How you are building any code is more important than what you can build.

Here’s a list of ideas you can start practising:

  • Simple calculator app
  • Number guessing game
  • Dice roll simulator
  1. Pair program

Pair programming is a method where two developers work together on a task. Both of them change between playing the role of ‘driver’ who writes code and the ‘navigator’ reviews the code and helps them guide in problem-solving. Pair programming will help you improve your coding skills as well as gives a chance to have your code reviewed by another programmer.

Regular practice, creating and sharing notes, and pair programming will help you not only improve your coding skills but also expose you to multiple ideas and ways of problem-solving.

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