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Essential Teacher Training Refresher Courses

If you want to maintain your school’s pristine reputation, here are some teacher training options that ought to be essential.

Any outsider looking in to a teaching establishment assumes that teachers refresh their training every once in a while. Sadly, in many institutions, this simply isn’t the case. All over the world, teachers are gaining their qualifications and doing nothing further to enhance their CVs outside of the world of work. However, not teaching your teachers is a set course for educational facility disaster.

Detailed below, we have outlined a few teacher training types that you should not bypass. Missing out on training can create scandals in your school. It can lead to outdated teaching materials espoused by outdated teaching staff. If you want the best for your business, you need to expand on your training regime. Here are the top courses to consider for your employees.

The Top Teacher Training Refresher Courses for your Staff

Want your school’s reputation to be beyond reproach? Here are the training refresher courses you shouldn’t skip out on.

Safeguarding Training

At the top of the list of things your teachers ought to keep abreast of, lies safeguarding training. Teachers are taught safeguarding from the outset of their career. From the minute they set foot inside the university, safeguarding is a priority. However, not all teachers bother to refresh this important knowledge later on in their careers.

Ideally, you employees who deal with vulnerable people should learn safeguarding training on an annual basis. It’s not hard, either. If you sign up with a company like Hays Safeguarding Training, you get an in-depth LMS (learning management system) to store your resources. This means you can retrieve the course annually and sit it as many times as you like.

Subject Knowledge

Are you confident that your employees are teaching the latest techniques? Every year, advancements in education allow us to expand the minds of students we teach. Each year, teachers who don’t refresh their skill sets drift farther and farther from that new research. If they are not refreshing their subject matter training, then your teachers are passing on information that might be out of date, or that they could teach in easier ways.

Behaviour Management

UCAS suggest that we offer teachers courses that cover behaviour management. This helps us spot unruly kids and discern patterns of behaviour. If we can plan for that child to be unruly, we can better solve the issue without temper tantrums or lash outs. Every school has its own guidelines on handling tricky students, so these ought to see refreshment annually, too.

Mental Wellness

Teaching your educators how to spot mental ill health, and how to teach good mental care, to students, is a must-have. As we know, children with poor mental health show increased levels of social anxiety, among other things. Teaching your educators to spot the signs and intervene with positive reframing techniques, allows us to potentially change the course of that young person’s life. Teach your teachers mental wellness. It will pay off for generations.

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