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Remove stain form your white uniform

School plays an important role in a student’s life and every school has a uniform which plays an important role in maintaining a sense of belongingness. Uniform is beneficial for students and parents in various manner. In many schools white uniform is used as the uniform code but it easily gets dirty when kids wear it on a daily basis. Stain marks cannot be removed easily from white uniform and it makes your uniform dirty. Various kinds of school uniform for girls and boys are available in the market for your kids.

How you can clean white uniform of your kid?

Separate the white uniform – after a day, the white uniform starts to look pale and yellow colored. But, you should always remember that at the time of washing, separate white uniform from colored clothes. Color of the other clothes can get mixed with the white color of the uniform and spoil its texture.  Before washing you should soak the white uniform by adding reliable stain removal detergent for at least three hours.

Use bleach and lemon juice – commonly chlorine bleach is used for removing stains. But, it can damage some fabrics. If you want to remove stains from white uniform then you can also use natural bleaching agent that brightens you uniform. You can also use lemon juice for removing stains from the school uniform. One should add lemon juice in hot water and soak white uniform in a mixture for at least an hour. If the stains are tough then you should soak the uniform overnight and wash it the next day.

Use whitener – you can find fabric whitener in the market easily. Whitener not only removes stains but also makes your white uniform brighter and shiny. It is advised not to use the product without reading the instructions given on the bottle. Apply some solution on the stain and rub it and then soak the uniform in a normal detergent.

Do not dry in excessive heat – you should not dry the white clothes in direct heat and temperature for a long time. Heating can burn the cloth and can provide yellowish shade to the uniform. Every white uniform has a label that provides genuine information for washing and drying your white uniform. So, for maintaining the whiteness and shine of your white uniform you should follow all the instructions. You should also dry it inside the shade to maintain its freshness. These two methods are very helpful in proper maintenance of white colored school uniform. For more information, Please visit : https://www.cookieskids.com.

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