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Thinking of Teaching? You Can Study Online

Becoming a teacher is an extremely popular choice for a second career. It allows people with skills, knowledge and experience of the real world to pass their wisdom onto the next generation. It can also be a very interesting job, and if you work your way through the ranks, there are good salaries for more experienced teachers and those in leadership roles. What may surprise you is that you can begin your journey to studying and becoming a teacher online, which can be great for mature students.

Research career routes

It’s worth researching the best way to get into teaching. There are lots of websites, forums and social media pages dedicated to those getting into teaching, and many schemes to encourage people to switch career. You could find out how far your current qualifications and experience could take you.

Do a teaching degree

All teachers need an undergraduate degree to begin training, and if you want to do this from home, you can do a Bachelor of Education online. This is ideal for non-traditional students who may otherwise not be able to enter a teaching career, as it gives you a great deal of flexibility.

Get some experience

There are lots of ways you can get experience before you qualify:

  • Become a tutor. You can even tutor students online via video chat, so you get experience and get paid without leaving the house
  • Volunteer at a local school
  • Get a part-time job as a teaching assistant to help fund your online degree
  • Volunteer at organisations for kids such as scouts or similar

Doing an online degree makes it easier to get some experience in your spare time, so it suits those with busy schedules.

Go through teacher training

Every area will have its own requirements for becoming a teacher. Once you’ve graduated, you’ll need to take an approved training course which will include lots of classroom experience. While it can be tough, the challenge can help you decide whether teaching is right for you, and you’ll certainly learn a lot.

Becoming a teacher isn’t an easy career choice. However, options such as online study for your undergraduate degree have meant that it is now a more accessible career. You can study for a bachelor’s of education while still working, and combine it with volunteer or paid work experience, getting you ready for teacher training. That way, you’ll also be well prepared when it’s time to stand in front of a class.

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