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Why Is It Essential To Start An Ecommerce Business In 2020?

The internet is one of the greatest blessings we have. It has made every aspect of our lives super convenient and manageable. The most difficult of tasks have been simplified thanks to technology and its wonder, the internet. Whether it’s shopping online, calling someone in another country, taking classes, or transferring money, the internet has made everything accessible. And this is exactly one of the reasons why setting up an e-commerce website in 2020 is a great idea.

Before people could shop from the comfort of their own home, they were bound to travel to brick and mortar stores to purchase even the smallest of things. Now, people are making the most of the opportunity and set up their businesses online to reach a global audience, generate more revenue, and double their income. These websites make it possible for people to take risks and change the ways businesses work. People are now confident enough to launch an online business from scratch and build a virtual network with customers.

If you can receive the same products, same quality service, and same customer support within your comfort zone, then what’s stopping you from shopping online?

This is the purpose of an E-commerce website. Technology has allowed people to turn into entrepreneurs overnight. In current times, every modern entrepreneur has realized the potential and growth an eCommerce business has in the industry. Every business is designed to provide a solution to an existing problem. The e-commerce sector has solved many issues and benefits both the company and the customer. They both have set goals. One wants quality, while the other wants growth.

Generating Traffic for an Ecommerce Website?

In the last 5 years, we have witnessed a boom in the e-commerce industry. When a business grows, its credibility and quality grow too. The reason a potential customer trusts shopping online from popular e-commerce stores is that they trust it. They trust the name, the quality services, and the products they offer.

Making it big in the e-commerce industry is a big deal. You will find several huge names in the e-commerce industry as a living example of a popular e-commerce website. Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, OLX, and Newegg are the biggest powerhouses in the game, to name a few.

One thing these names have in common is that they all started small. However, they all fulfill the same purpose; to provide quality service.

On a daily, an average of half a billion surf the web every hour. Some use social media, while others shop online. Any website offering a one-stop solution to all their shopping needs is classified as an e-commerce store. How do these stores gain so much traffic every day? Don’t they offer the same products over and over again at different prices? Well, the first rule of setting up a business is drawing out a crystal clear marketing strategy. Without a proper marketing plan, you can’t push your business to be successful, no matter how many different products and low prices you offer. If you can’t market your product, your brand can’t stand out from the competition.

The biggest player in any marketing strategy is sponsored ads. Running ads on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram is one of the most effective marketing tactics to use in today’s time. While brochures, billboards, newspapers, and TV ads are one way to attract attention, running ads on public social platforms works more effectively in reaching your targeted audience. The ads attract instant attention and lead the prospect to the site. Once they do, it’s the company’s responsibility to provide a personalized experience and boost customer engagement through chatbots, promotions, and email subscriptions.

There are many different ways to personalize user experiences, and one of them is tracking user behavior to generate data. User data answers questions like:

  • How many times did the user visit the site?
  • How much time was spent on a particular page?
  • What items have the user added to their wish list?
  • What items do they like the most?
  • What was their price range?
  • Which categories attracted them the most?
  • Which brand did they like the most?

The data can answer many more questions, helping you create a more personalized user experience. It’s one reason why customers keep coming back and recommend the site to their friends and family. It’s how site traffic is generated.

Choosing a website builder

We have tools and services for each problem in our lives. Facebook helps us to stay virtually connected beyond borders, Grammarly checks for grammar mistakes, Trello for project management, Google Analytics for behavior tracking, and Evernote to make notes. Just like that, there’s a solution to every problem in this digital age. With Windstream internet, you can enjoy unlimited, uninterrupted access to these tools. Many website building tools create e-commerce websites from scratch. Some popular ones are Shopify, Squarespace, Volusion, Highwire and etc.

These platforms are designed to help your business reach its full potential through exceptional customer experience, greater revenue, better sales, and lucrative features. It all depends on what type of business you’re setting up. A B2B setup is gaining more attention than a B2C setup in current times. Most website builders have a whole buffet of premium features for the B2B e-commerce business.

Boost Site Traffic with These Tips!

  • Online shopping involves 0 face to face interaction with the product, so make sure your products look original, realistic, and aesthetically appealing to customers.
  • Add detailed and accurate information
  • Update the site regularly
  • Email sale offers, promotion deals, and new arrival to customers regularly
  • Provide a thorough and efficient customer service
  • Measure KPIs set at the beginning of the journey to track progress and improve the experience
  • Update social media constantly
  • Create engaging content to connect with customers
  • Follow up for customer feedback

Final words!

If you’re looking for a way to establish your name in the corporate sector, start building an e-commerce website from scratch. Start small, remain consistent, set KPIs, and prioritize the customer experience to drive sales and attract traffic to your site. The first step is always the hardest, but there will never be a better time to start your own e-commerce business. So, why wait?

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