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Why Learning a New Language Should Be at the Top of Your New Year Resolutions List

Though you may have already drafted your list of New Year’s resolutions and hoped to accomplish typical goals like exercising more or eating healthier, you might want to consider adding language learning to the list right away. Even if you’ve never traveled to other countries before, learning a new language has countless advantages and benefits that make it an exciting route to pursue during the new year. No matter what language piques your interest the most, whether that’s Swahili or French or Quechua, just starting to acquire a new language can offer positive benefits for your upcoming year.

You Could End Up With a Unique Resume Booster

Having a hard time making your resume really stand out to employers? Try learning a second language! Many employers today, especially those whose companies have international branches, value bilingual and multilingual employees for the unique skills and competencies they bring to the table. In some cases, you might even be able to negotiate a higher salary if you can demonstrate your language abilities bring value to the company.

It’s Surprisingly Healthy for Your Brain

Those hoping to find a way to sharpen their cognition could be pleasantly surprised by how healthy learning a language can be for the brain. Several studies have shown that learning and using a new language can even potentially help stave off cognitive decline later in life! If keeping your brain in top shape as you age is on your priority list, starting to use another language could help you get closer to that goal.

You’ll Learn About Other Countries and Cultures

One of the beautiful things about learning another language is how much it can expand your cultural horizons and help you gain a deeper understanding of other countries and people. If you like to travel, knowing the local language is sure to take your ability to get around to the next level, for instance. You may also find that it’s a helpful gateway to reading the classic literature of other languages as well.

It might not have appeared on your list of New Year’s resolutions before, but learning a new language can be the perfect way to enrich yourself this coming year. From cognitive benefits to professional advantages and more, language learning can afford you numerous perks that will make the hours you put in easily pay off. If these benefits sound good to you, make it a goal this year to start working toward proficiency in your next language!

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