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Which are the 10 best playgrounds in Singapore?

If you have a child, it’s very important to know where you can find the best playgrounds in Singapore. Thankfully, there are a variety of playgrounds you can choose from, which is why you need to take your time and see what each one has to offer. Here you have a quick list with some of the top Singapore playgrounds you can visit right away.

Tea & Tots

Tea & Tots is offered by the Integrated International School and it can be suitable for kids anywhere from 8 to 18 months. Kids can meet others their age and also engage in basic skill lessons.

Mucky Pups

Mucky Pups is a special playground that’s mostly focused on imagination and creativity. It allows kids to learn more about the world around them, while also bringing carefully sorted activities and play lessons.


Gymboree stands out with the focus on various learning techniques and interactive play. It helps kids learn more about technology, while also getting a lot of inspiration for the future.

Busy Tables

If you’re looking for a Singapore playground focused on sensory play activities, Busy Tables is the right option for you. They focus on life skills and teaching your child new things. That can be well worth your time.

Musical Monkeys

Kids learn faster through music, and this is a great place for your child to learn new things. There are amazing learning opportunities here, and children get to express themselves in a very distinct and fun way.


KiddyABC suits babies and toddlers. It’s a great playground where kids can interact with one another, play with toys and explore a variety of distinctive ideas. There are also numerous educational materials used to teach kids lots of amazing, new things.


Edufarm delivers western-like programs focused on helping your child study more and with great ease. They have games, music, circle time and many experiments. It’s a different, unique approach and one that can make a huge difference for your child’s learning time.

Wee Care Singapore

Wee Care Singapore helps kids with music, games, art and a variety of other learning experiences. This playground in particular also has outdoor activities that are very immersive and distinctive.

My Gym

At My Gym, kids get to learn a variety of lessons and skills through free play. They can discover and explore new things, while engaging in science, arts and crafts or a variety of activities.

White Lodge

White Lodge delivers a great parent and child program. Kids get to learn alongside their parents, while being guided by facilitators. It’s a very good and distinct approach, one that has the potential to deliver a very impressive set of results. They also partnered with the best home tuition agency in Singapore to get the best facilitators and english teachers.

All these playgrounds are amazing and they have a specific approach towards learning. Your child can learn a lot here, and it’s a great way for him/her to develop new skills. Give these playgrounds a try for yourself, and you will find them incredibly interesting, different and rewarding. You will be more than impressed with their results and efficiency.

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