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A network engineer’s work is to plan, implement, and maintain network solutions between different platforms. He/she is responsible for installing and maintaining a network in a given company or area and other related duties. To be a successful and competent network engineer, you need more qualities apart from your educational background. You learn some of these things throughout your career as you interact with people within your work field. It takes a competent engineer to deliver top performance in a given company. As you seek network engineering jobs at 9th-way solutions jobs and insights, take time to understand the considerable skills and qualities you need to be a competent network engineer.

Learning skills

As a professional in the IT world, you must be ready to learn more. Technology is an ever-changing field, so you should be able to acquire more knowledge through self-education. Read many books and manuals to keep up with upcoming technological trends and innovations. You need the skills to use a wide array of software programs and learn more about programming languages. Generally, never stop learning.

Pay attention to detail.

As a network engineer, your job demands that you pay attention to detail in whatever project you undertake. Many network engineering projects can be challenging to complete but giving attention to every minor detail helps you accomplish your tasks. That way, you can ensure that everything yous set up, such as router configuration, is correct and does not cause a network failure. You will encounter many stumbling blocks such as building access problems, cabling issues, etc.  But you need to understand your working environment to complete your work on time. Be alert every time, and do not ignore anything.

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving occupies a large part of a network engineer’s role. You have to possess problems solving skills to resolve issues that come up in your field of work. You can make a competent engineer if you are good at identifying problems and finding solutions to rectify them in the best way possible. Note that your solutions must adhere to the client’s requirements, specifications, and designs that align with the company’s specifications. Since emergency problems will always come up, you need to have innovation skills to implement new solutions quickly. It may seem not very easy, but you learn more as you interact more in your work field.

Organizational skills

With network engineering, planning, and organization is an essential part of every project. A network engineer plans, organizes, and allocates the resources needed to implement a particular project for its successful operation. The critical point is developing a well-structured plan in any networking project you plan to implement. You should be capable of dealing with one task while collaborating with other colleagues working on the same project in other areas.

Communication skills

In every field, you need good communication skills. A network engineer should communicate well with his/her superiors, clients, potential customers, and colleagues, both verbally and non verbally. Sometimes you may be required to work in remote locations, which demands a lot of patience in understanding and communicating with the clients. Take time to equip yourself with excellent communication skills.


A competent network engineer should deliver within given deadlines, work without supervision, and minimize workflow interruptions.

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